Beautiful & Best Collection of Patriotic Happy Republic Day Messages 2018 in Three Different Languages!

Hello, Friends welcome again here! As we all know India is full of celebration & festivals, One more Patriotic Festival is coming which is celebrated on January 26 of every year 🙂

First of all, Happy Republic Day to you & your family! So enjoy this day as you want & share the beautiful Republic Day Wishes, Quotes, Messages, Images, & Poems to your friends & relatives.

In the previous article, We have written a post on Happy Makar Sankranti Messages 2018 in Hindi, English & Marathi that you can also read & share with your friends, colleague, & relatives.

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Republic Day is just as few more days away from us, So you have little more time to prepare everything for this National Festival. Just be ready for it 😉


Did You Why We Celebrate This Festival?

Let you know that Republic Day is one of the national festivals of our country. On that day on January 26, 1950, Constitution of India was born so that’s why it’s a most precious day for the all Indian People.

Today in Capital of India (Delhi) at India Gate people gather to watch the national parade for Republic Day. On that day many politicians of India comes to watch the pride moment of India and Mr. President also come to wave the Indian Flag & Also give the beautiful speech to the people.

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The Constitution of India is written by Dr, Bhim Rao Ambedkar on February 1998 which is finalized on November 26, 1949, by the member of Constitution of India.

At the last of the parade, Mr president wave the Tiranga (Try Color Flag) then all the people who are watching parade stand for the National Anthem & 21 Gun Salute. It is the very pride moment for all the people who gather for the Republic Day <3


Now you better know why we celebrate this Patriotic Day?

We have collected the Best Happy Republic Day Messages 2018 in Hindi, English, & Marathi Language from the various web pages of Google. You can share these Patriotic Republic SMS with your Friends, Colleague, & Relatives.

Dow below to get Republic Day Messages:

Happy Republic Day Messages 2018 in Hindi

Beautiful Republic Day Hindi Sms

Happy Republic Day Messages 2018 in Hindi

Happy Republic Day Messages 2018 in Hindi

As we all know it is a Public Holiday in India & Today all the School, Collages, Shop, Companies, & Govt. Offices are closed for a day.

Do you know that 284 members of Constitution of India are signed the document and the process of constitution making was complete?

We are going to add these Beautiful Patriotic SMS in Hindi because our national language is Hindi and there are so many people who like to talk in this language. That’s why we have added messages to this language.

For your information, We have collected the Best Happy Republic Day Messages 2018 in Hindi from various web pages. You can share these Best Republic Day Sms to your friends, colleague, & relatives.

Down below to get SMS:


Watan hamara aisa koi na chhod paaye,
Rishta hamara aisa koi na tod paaye,
Dil ek hai ek jaan hai hamari,
Hindustan hamara hai hum iski shaan hain.
Happy Republic Day.


Wo fir aaya hai naye savare ke saath, ed
mil jul kal rahange hum ek duze ke saath, case
wo tirangaa kitna pyara,
wo h deko hai sabse nayara,
aane na denge is pe aanch..
Happy Republic Day.


Mai iska Hanuman hoon,
Ye desh mera Ram hai.
Chhati cheer ke dekh lo meri,
Andar baithaa Hindustaan hai.
I Love My India.

Happy Republic Day!


DESH bahkto ki balidaan se
SWATNATRA huye hai hum
koi puche kon ho to GRAV se kahenge
Bhartiya hai hum…


Alag hai Bhasha, this Dharm Jaat
aur prant, bhesh, parivesh
par hum sab ka ek hai gaurav
Rashtradhwaj tiranga shrestha
Gantantra Diwas ki Hardik Shubh Kamnayein.


Ye Nafrat Buri Hai, Na Paalo Isay
Dilo Main Khalish Hai ,Nikalo Isay
Na Tera ,Na Mera ,Na Iska , Na Uska
Ye Sab Ka Watan Hai,Bacha Lo Isay


Watan ki sar bulandi me, humara naam shamil, Guzarte rehna hai humko sada ese mukamo se. Jai Hind.


Woh shama jo kaam aaye anjuman ke liye, treatment
Woh jazba jo qurban ho jaaye watan ke liye,
Rakhte hain hum woh houslein bhi
jo mar mite hindustan ke liye…!!
Happy Republic Day!


Buland Bharat Ke Nikkamme Baccho,
Valentines/Frndship Day Hota
To Ab Tak 100 Sms Ho Gaye Hote.
But Why So Less Sms Today ?
Its Republic Day..
Spread The Word Of Patriotism
So Wish Evrybody…


117 crores of people combindly fall in love with one

it is INDIA


Jamane bhar mein milte hain aashiq kayi, sales
Magar vatan se khubsurat koi sanam nahi hota,
Noto mein lipat kar, sone mein simat kar mare hain kayi,
Mager tirange se khubsurat koi khafan nahi hota.
Happy Republic Day


Buland Bharat ke nikkamme baccho,

valentines/frndship day hota to ab tak 100 sms ho gaye hote.

Come on, it’s a great day.

So wish everybody…



It has been passed 62 years after getting freedom of our India nevertheless no progress why? do you know why? because still the fool people of India are reading my SMS


DESH bahkto ki balidaan se, this web
SWATNATRA huye hai hum..
koi puche kon ho,
to GRAV se kahenge.
Bhartiya hai hum…
Happy Gantantra Diwas


Main iska Hanuman hoon
Ye desh mera RAM hai,
Chhati chir ke dekh lo
Andar baitha HINDUSTAN hai.
Jay Hind!
Happy Republic Day


!=- [email protected]=-._;
Jay Hind


Nahi Sirf Jashn Manana, link
Nahi Sirf Jhande Lehrana, shop
Yeh Kaafi Nahi Hai Watan par,
Yadon Ko Nahi Bhulana,
Jo Qurbaan Hue,
Unke Lafzon Ko Aage Badhana,
Khuda Ke Liye Nahi ..
Zindgi Watan Ke Liye Lutana.
Happy Republic Day


Aao Jhuk K Salam Karein Unko
Jinke Hisse Me Ye Mukam Aata Hai,
Khushnaseeb Hota Hai Wo Khoon
Jo Desh Ke Kaam Aata Hai
Happy 26 January!


Aajadi ka josh kabhi kam na hone deinge,
Jab bhi zaroorat padegi desh ke liye jaan luta deinge.
Kyonki Bharat hamara desh hai ab dobara is par koi aanch na aane denge.
Happy Republic Day!


Daag Gulami Ka Dhoya Hai Jaan Luta Kar, ed
Deep Jalaye Hai Kitne Deep Bhujha Kar, visit this
Mili Hai Jab Yeh Azadi To Fir Is Azadi Ko..
Rakhna Hoga Har Dushman Se Aaj Bachakar.
Happy Republic Day.


Gandhi swapna jab satya bana,

Desh tabhi jab gantantra bana,

Aaj fir sae yaad kare woh mehnat,

Jo thi ki veero ne,aur bharat gantantra bana.


Saare jahan se achchha Hindusitan humara-
Hum bul-bule hain iske Ye Gulsitan humara-humara
Happy Republic Day!


New Year Tha To Sab 25 Din Pehle Wish Karne Lage,

lekin 2 din Baad 26 JAN Hai,
par koi Msg nhi sharam karo……


Happy “Republic Day” in advance


 Happy Republic Day Messages 2018 in English

Best Republic Day English SMS

Happy Republic Day Messages 2018 in English

Happy Republic Day Messages 2018 in English

I know your feeling about this National Festival of India, If you are living away from your parents & friends, So you can share your feeling by sending the Best Sms on Republic Day 🙂

Most of the people know this National Event as 26 January, We also prefer to say in this way. This day comes right after the Lohri & Makar Sankranti Festival <3

People used to send on this festival like Wishes, Sms, Images, & Poems on the Social Network & Whatsapp. This is the unique way to celebrate the festival with others who are using Social Media & Whatsapp.

We have collected Best Republic Day Messages 2018 in English from the different pages of Google. You can send these Sms to your friends, colleague, & relatives.

Down below to get SMS:


We The Youth Of India Should Take, The Pledge That Till Our Last Breath
We Will Fight Terrorism, We Will Protect Our Mother INDIA
With All We Have, JAI HIND!! Happy Republic Day


Patriotism is the willingness to kill and be killed for trivial reasons.
Happy Republic Day.


All May There Be Peace and Prosperity
and May We Rejoice In the Blessings
that Our Country Has Given Us
Happy Best Republic Day Wishes to All


As We Match Out
In The Spirit Of Brotherhood And Nationhood,
Let Us Not Forget To Defend
The Colors Of Our Flag With All We Have.
Happy Republic Day!


Each day, each hour, each minute and each second makes me proud to be a part of a country called India and we are the Indians.


We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools.
Happy Republic Day.


Our Best Wishes to You On the Republic Day Let Us Salute the Prosperity of India and Every Freedom Fighter Who Made It Possible Let Us Hail the Glory Of This Wonderful Country India and its Freedom Fighters Who Made it All a Victory for Us Vande Mataram


Today Is The Day When Everyone Young Or Old,
Tall Or Short,
Light Skin Or Dark Must Come Together
To Show The Whole World
That This Nation Is The Best Nation
Under The Sun.
Happy Republic Day!


Jai Jawan Jai Kisan
Vande Mataram
East of west India is the best….


May The Brightest Star In Its Course Visit No Land More Free, Happier, More Lovely, Than This Our Own Land. My Best Wishes To You On This Republic Day.


We Might Not Be The Richest Nation In The World,
We Might Be Deprived Of The Finances
And The Luxuries Of This World,
But My Brothers And Sister
Let Us Maintain Our Peaceful Coexistence
And Above All Love For Our Nation.
Happy Republic Day!


Saluting India! Where each bud blooms in its true colors,
Where each day is celebration of unity,
harmony and synthesis. Happy Republic Day.


A man’s feet must be planted in his country, but his eyes should survey the world.
Happy Republic Day.


When They Resisted The Booming And Shelling Of The Colonial Guns, Our Founder Fathers Wanted Nothing But Sovereignty For This Nation, Let Us Always Defend This Gift From Our Predecessors. Happy Republic Day.


Let Every Teacher Teach
The Student How To Love This Nation,
Let Every Parent Instill
In His Or Her Sons And Daughters
The Beauty Of Our Nation.
Happy Republic Day!


Happy Republic Day Messages 2018 in Marathi

Awesome Republic Day Marathi SMS

Happy Republic Day Messages 2018 in Marathi

Happy Republic Day Messages 2018 in Marathi

As we all know Marathi is the mother tongue of Maharashtra which is 3rd largest state of India. In Maharashtra, People used to talk in the Marathi Language that’s why we are gonna write these Awesome Republic Day Marathi SMS that you can share with your Marathi friends.

We have collected the Awesome Happy Republic Day Messages 2018 in Marathi from the different web pages. You can share this SMS by using CCP Method (Cut, Copy, & Paste) with your Friends, Colleague, & Relatives on the Social Media and Whatsapp.

Down below to get SMS:


आम्ही भारताच्या युवकांना घ्यावे, आपल्या अंतिम श्वासोच्छवास होईपर्यंत तारण घेणे
आम्ही दहशतवादाने लढू, आम्ही आमच्या मदतीचे संरक्षण करू
आम्ही सर्व आहे, जय हिंदू !! आनंदी प्रजासत्ताक दिन


देशभक्ती ही क्षुल्लक कारणांसाठी मारणे आणि ठार मारण्याची इच्छा आहे.
आनंदी प्रजासत्ताक दिन


सर्व शांती आणि समृद्धी असू शकते
आणि आशीर्वादाने आपल्याला आनंदित होवो
आमच्या देशाने आम्हाला दिलेले आहे
शुभेच्छा सर्वोत्तम प्रजासत्ताक दिन सर्व शुभेच्छा


आम्ही मॅच आउट म्हणून
ब्रदरहुड आणि राष्ट्रवाद आत्मा मध्ये,
आम्हाला बचाव करण्यास विसरू नका
आमच्या सर्व आमच्या ध्वज रंग
गणतंत्र दिवस!


दररोज, प्रत्येक तास, प्रत्येक मिनिट आणि प्रत्येक सेकेंड मला देशाचा एक भाग म्हणून अभिमानित करते आणि आम्ही भारतीय आहोत.


आपण भाऊ या नात्याने एकत्र राहणे किंवा मूर्खांच्या रूपात एकत्र येणे शिकले पाहिजे.
आनंदी प्रजासत्ताक दिन


गणतंत्रदिनानिमित्त आपल्यासाठी सर्वोत्कृष्ट शुभेच्छा द्या आपण भारताच्या समृद्धीस आणि प्रत्येक स्वातंत्र्य सेनानीला सलाम करु ज्यामुळे ते शक्य झाले. या अद्भुत भूमीची जयजयकार करू द्या भारत आणि स्वातंत्र्य सेनानी जो आमच्यासाठी सर्व विजय जिंकली वंदे मातरम्


आज प्रत्येक दिवशी यंगस्टर्स किंवा ओल्ड,
उंच किंवा लहान,
प्रकाश त्वचा किंवा गडद एकत्र येणे आवश्यक आहे
संपूर्ण जग दाखविण्यासाठी
हे राष्ट्र सर्वोत्तम राष्ट्र आहे
सूर्य अंतर्गत.
गणतंत्र दिवस!


जय जवान जय किसान
वंदे मातरम्
पश्चिम भारताच्या पूर्वेस उत्तम आहे ….


मे इअर ब्राइटस्ट स्टार इन नॉर्मल लँड अधिक फ्री, हिपीएर, लवली, सेन्टर हा हमारी खुद की जमीन. या प्रजासत्ताकदिनी दिवशी मी तुम्हाला शुभेच्छा देतो.


आम्ही जगातील सर्वात श्रीमंत राष्ट्र नसावे,
आम्ही आर्थिक पासून वंचित जाऊ शकते
आणि या जगातील विलासीध आहेत,
पण माझ्या भाऊ आणि बहिण
आपल्या शांतीपूर्ण सह-अस्तित्व कायम ठेवा
आणि आमच्या देशासाठी सर्व प्रेम वर.
गणतंत्र दिवस!


भारताला सलाम! जिथे प्रत्येक अंकुर त्याच्या खरा रंगांमध्ये,
जेथे प्रत्येक दिवस एकतेचा उत्सव साजरा करतात,
सुसंवाद आणि संश्लेषण आनंदी प्रजासत्ताक दिन


माणसाच्या पायाला त्याच्या देशात लावावे लागते, परंतु त्याच्या डोळ्यांनी जगाचे सर्वेक्षण केले पाहिजे.
आनंदी प्रजासत्ताक दिन


जेव्हा ते वसाहतवादाच्या बंदुकामध्ये वाढले व तुकड्यात विरोध करीत होते, आमच्या संस्थापक पित्याला नको होती पण या राष्ट्रासाठी सार्वभौमत्वाला, आपण नेहमीच या देणग्या आमच्या भेदून सोडूया. आनंदी प्रजासत्ताक दिन


प्रत्येक शिक्षकाचे शिक्षण द्या
विद्यार्थी कसे होते हे राष्ट्र,
प्रत्येक पालकांना स्थापित करू द्या
त्याच्या किंवा तिचे मुलगे आणि मुलींमध्ये
आमच्या देशाचे सौंदर्य



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