Best, Colourful, & Funny Happy Holi WhatsApp DPs (Profile Pics) & Holi Facebook Cover Images

Wish you a very happy holi 2018, today we have best holi whatsapp dp collection and Facebook cover images for happy holi 2018. You can use these WhatsApp Profile Pics for your whatsapp, and Facebook cover images for your FB Cover on this happy Holi.

Holi is the most colorful festival in the world, well it’s get celebrated in India but it’s the most beautiful & colorful festival in the world. There’s no other festival which is celebrated with this much colors and happiness.

All the people eat, drink 7 dance with no sense of beat. Holi is also known as a festival of colors and happiness. It is celebrated on the full moonlight in the month of March every year.

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There are two types of holi and it’s celebrated continues two days. The first day is known as “Holika Dehan” also known as burning holi and second is “Rang wali Holi” also known as playing holi with colors.

Holika Dehan: It’s also known as burning holi. Indian people believe that on this day all the darkness have got burned till ash with the hands of lightness. There are other myths too like it’s the day of winning against darkness and hardship.

Rang Wali Holi: It’s also known as playing holi with colors. On this day people paint each other with bright and light colors to wish each other Happy Holi 2018. This is one of the days when all the enemies forget their hardship and huge their rivals and wish them bright future with bright colors.

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As this is the 21st century and we’re living in the digital world where each and everything is just one touch away. So people are changing their traditional way to wishing each other.

This is the century of the Internet and Digital Stuff. WhatsApp & Facebook are sucking people like no one else lives in the world. Well, there are benefits of this digital life.

Today we have collected Best Happy Holi WhatsApp DP also known as Whatsapp profile pics which you can set as your whatsapp profile pic and wish your contacts happy holi 2018.

We also have collected Best HD Facebook Cover Images for Happy Holi 2018, you can get these images and set as your fb cover and wish your fb friends Happy Hooli 2018.

Happy Holi WhatsApp DP (Profile Pics)

Funny, Best & Colourful Happy Holi WhatsApp Profile Pics Colloction

As we said above this is the world of Internet and Digital stuff, so you need to get over with your traditional and keep up with this digital life. Start using whatsapp because there are lots of benefits of using this messaging application.

You can connect with anyone with just the one touch, you can chat with anyone with just typing “Hello” message. WhatsApp has a feature of setting up your profile picture as your photo, with this feature your friends or contacts can recognize you without asking your name.

You can also set your profile pic as Happy Holi Images and wish your friends happy holi 2018. You can also set up your advance happy holi images on your whatsapp dp to wish your friends advance happy holi.

People are using whatsapp in a very advanced way, they set up festival’s images as their profile picture and wish their contacts without individually messaging everyone. Or even if you wanted to wish someone especially you can send them happy holi SMS to wish them specially.

Down below we have shared a beautiful and funny happy holi whatsapp dp which you can use as your WhatsApp profile pic on this holi 2018. These are the best happy holi whatsapp dp which can be used anywhere freely.

Happy Holi Facebook Cover Images 2018

Best Holi 2018 FB Cover Pictures 

Facebook is another trend these days, and people are spending more time on Facebook more than they spend time with their friends, relatives or family. There are benefits of facebook too but at the same time, it’s very addicted too.

There is no other social media platform which is more addicted than facebook, well Instagram is performing so well but still, there’s a long way for them to beat Facebook.

As same as WhatsApp, Facebook has lots of features and they have the same feature as WhatsApp. You can set up your profile pics even you can set up cover images on Facebook to get better & beautiful profile feel.

You can change your FB Cover with Happy Holi Facebook Cover Images to wish your fb friends happy holi 2018. Well, you can also post a status to wish your friends but the changing cover image is the best way because even if someone visits your profile you can wish them happy holi 2018 too.

Down below we have shared best happy holi facebook cover images 2018, these are the most colourful holi fb cover images 2018 which you can’t even find on the internet or any other place.

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